Full Service


       If needed, 8 D.A.Y.S. can provide these additional services:

                                  *home organizing & donating

                                  *editing & packing





     When partnering with 8 D.A.Y.S. you'll receive a complete, cohesive 

      design plan, which is curated to ensure the following:
Trifecta of Focus:

                          1. Highlight your existing architecture
                          2. Creatively showcase your square footage
                          3. Deliver a cohesive design throughout.

       8 D.A.Y.S. is your solid choice in Home Staging and Design.




I  am a certified Home Stager/ Interior Designer who runs towards challenges with creative ideas, passion and most importantly - delivers solutions!

When your house sits vacant on the market, everyone loses. Let's create a WIN/WIN situation and turn your empty house into a modern, sleek and desired HOME!

Based on information from StagedHomes.com

A staged home = up to 88% shorter listing time.
A staged home = up to 17% above asking price

A staged home = A HAPPY CLIENT!

We look forward to YOUR Project being our next!

Full Stage  


For Staging Inquiring: 323-842-8850





We thrive on taking your empty house and delivering a desired home ready for market!

You just secured your new store front - now what?
Your company is rapidly growing so you expand your square footage and need assistance with the look and feel of your addition? Let's talk!

Working with the creative 8 D.A.Y.S. team, you'll receive a professional & collective fusion of creative minds who design a peaceful, cohesive and most importantly productive environment from floor to ceiling. We Got This!


he birth of  Deno At Your Service is a result of my   

       innate lean towards creating memories. I bring my    

       personal fusion from the art world, the entertainment 

       industry and my client management career to each 

       Project. This Trilogy has served me well.

W  hen I'm asked of my strengths, I focus on these top three:

  • unwavering creativity
  • passionate hard worker 
  • an absolute people person!